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What Bread Making Equipment Do You Need To Make Bread?

  • source:china-foodmachine
  • Date:01/11/2018

The first weight of bread is precise, which I represent first in metric and then in oz, a cup commonly used in the United States. A teaspoon or a spoon. I highly recommend the use of high precision electronic scales for weighing. So, let us know some knowledge about bread making equipment.

1 cup of properly measured white flour. When weighing the measuring cup, use a spoon to scoop the flour into the measuring cup and scrape the excess into a clean glass or an acrylic cup with an inverted handle.

Precision electronic scale: the scale is usually divided into 1g, 2g or 5g. It is best to use a scale of 1g to accurately measure the weight of materials such as yeast, salt, and water.

Mixing bowl: prepare at least two large mixing POTS (capacity about 2 cm or 8 cups) and one small mixing bowl (capacity about 1 liter or 4 cups). As far as size is concerned, small basin should be able to stick close in a big basin, when making, convenient will small basin upside down put in a big basin, or will big basin upside down cover is on the small basin. This is the most convenient way to mix dry and wet materials, and it's easy to cover the dough as it ferments.

HENGLIAN bread making  equipment FOOD-MIXERS

Deep baking pan: you need to put a glass of water in the deep baking pan to create steam in the oven. Deep pans should be placed at the bottom of the oven before preheating the oven.

Fermentation basket: there are many different shapes and sizes, used when the dough is fermented. Fermentation baskets allow bread to take shape and create attractive patterns on the finished bread. There are many different materials used in the fermentation basket, although not absolutely necessary and tools, but it's a good investment compared to a dedicated baker.

Fermentation cloth: a thick linen cloth, usually placed in a fermentation basket (especially when making baguettes), that supports the dough and absorbs some of the moisture of the dough and helps form the crust. You can also use a thick, clean tea towel or bowl towel to cover the dough during dough fermentation.

Baking slabs: baking slabs come in many different textures and thicknesses to allow the bread to be heated evenly while baking. To use the SLATE, you should put the SLATE in the oven and slowly preheat it with the oven. If a cold SLATE is suddenly put into a hot oven, it may break. For those keen on baking, consider buying a baking slab.

Bread or pizza spatula: use this spatula to put bread into a hot oven. Gas oven manufacturer-HENGLIAN may give you some useful hot oven products.

Baking pan: you will usually need more than one baking pan to make individual pastries. Refer also to the above introduction of baking slabs.

Breadboard: metal breadboard lets you slice dough easily and accurately, or you can use a sharp saw blade to do the same.

Grain knife: just a very sharp knife. It's like a scalpel. You can also take a clean razor blade, fasten it to a wooden coffee stirrer, or replace it with a very sharp knife.

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