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Vegetable and Fruit Equipment

We supplied fruit and vegetable processing equipment processing line, equipment such as vegetable cutter, potato peeler, food cut up machine, melon and fruit cutter.  Reduce the amount of time and labor spent on preparing fresh produce by using a vegetable cutter. These units enable users to chop, slice, wedge, peel, or portion fruits and vegetables in one swift motion or with the simple push of a button. Plus, by using a hand food chopper instead of a knife and cutting board, your foods will be more consistently sized, which will make your food presentation more professional. Fruit and vegetable processing equipment is an ideal machine for cutting all kinds of fruits and vegetable, it can cut into slice, block, shred, diamond shape, curvilinear shape. By changing the knife of the desired shape can be made. Some vegetable cutters are designed for use in the home. Commercial vegetable cutters are used by restaurants and in industry. The simplest type of vegetable cutter consists of a metal screen with blades and two handles. This potato peeler is designed to peel potatoes and other hard vegetables. The machine is widely used for restaurant, hotel, mess hall and other vegetable processing units. The potato peeler is an ideal peeling equipment owing to high peeling rate, low breakage and automatic operation. It is made by stainless steel, clean and easy to use. The abrasive band mounted on the inner wall is replacable.


With the improvement of dietary life and the increase of people's demand for fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable processing  equipment is also developing rapidly.


Fruit and vegetables after harvest are still living organisms, which continue to carry out various complex life activities during storage, the most important of which is respiratory function. With the development of respiration, organic substances such as sugar, starch and acid in vegetables are continuously consumed because they are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water. At the same time, vegetables and fruit contain a lot of water and various nutrients, which is a very favorable condition for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and the activity of microorganisms is the main reason for the deterioration of vegetables. In addition, vegetable production is seasonal and regional. Appropriate processing of fresh vegetables in peak season and specialty vegetables in some areas is conducive to adjusting the demand of vegetable production in off-peak season and vegetable market in different regions.


Fruit and vegetable processing  equipment include canning, drying, quick-freezing and pickling . Vegetable Canning is a method of preserving vegetables for a long time by putting pretreated vegetables such as cleaning, peeling, cutting and blanching into sealed containers such as tin tins and glass bottles, removing part of the air, sealing and sterilizing, so as to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms that originally existed in vegetables. Drying is a process that uses heat to dehydrate vegetables, i.e. natural drying or artificial drying to increase the concentration of soluble substances in vegetables to the extent that microorganisms are difficult to use . Quick-freezing is a method of vegetable pre-treatment, quick-freezing at - 30 ~35 C or lower temperature, then packaging with plastic bags or boxes, or quick-freezing after packaging, and then storage at - 18 C, so that vegetables can be stored for a longer period of time. Pickling is the most widely used and oldest method of vegetable processing in China. The types of pickled vegetables can be roughly divided into fermented pickles and non-fermented pickles.


The development trend of canned Fruit and vegetable processing  equipment in the world is the output of canned vegetables, which accounts for an increasing proportion of the total output of canned vegetables. In terms of processing technology and equipment, the vegetable canning industry in the United States, Italy and France is developing in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, continuity and automation controlled by computers. The production of vegetable cans in China, especially mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and asparagus, has been mechanized and continuous, and is also gradually improving and automating. Exhibition. In recent years, the production of quick-frozen vegetables is increasing rapidly. For example, French exports of frozen mushrooms (including other edible fungi) increased from 1265 tons in 1983 to 4368 tons in 1985. The processing of pickled vegetables has a trend from high salt to low salt. "Fresh packaged vegetables" refers to vegetables that are graded, sorted, cleaned, dried and packaged at 2 C after harvesting, and sent directly to the market, which can greatly reduce wastage. It is the latest development trend.