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Some Knowledge of Meat Processing Equipment

  • source:Henglian
  • Date:09/18/2018

History of meat processing machine

Meat processing machine is a kind of food processing equipment and an important guarantee for the development of meat industry. In the mid-1980s, the former ministry of commerce began to import meat processing equipment from Europe in order to improve China's meat processing technology.

Since then, China's meat processing equipment manufacturers began to understand and understand modern processing equipment, technology and products; Meat processing machinery manufacturers also began to contact advanced meat processing equipment, and began to learn from foreign technology to develop China's own products for twenty years now. Such as HENGLIAN- food processing equipment manufacturer, with more than 40 years experience in fabricating food processing machine.

meat processing equipment

Reviewing the development of meat processing machinery, the achievements are remarkable. Nearly 200  manufacturing plants in China can produce more than 90% of the meat processing equipment, covering almost all processing fields such as slaughtering, segmentation, meat products, processed food and comprehensive utilization, and the equipment has begun to approach the same kind of foreign products. For example: chopper machine, salt injection machine, vacuum enema machine, continuous vacuum packaging machine, frying machine and so on. These devices have played a big role in China's meat industry, boosting the development of the meat industry.

In addition to domestic sales, a number of enterprises have begun to expand overseas markets, gradually in line with international standards. However, we should not be complacent about the fact that our equipment has already been applied or some of the exports have already been made. Actually, our products are still far from the advanced level of Europe and America, which is the reality that our meat processing machinery manufacturing industry needs to face correctly.

Domestic market analysis of meat processing machine

With the development of meat food industry, the proportion of meat deep processing is constantly increasing, and new food industry machinery manufacturers are constantly emerging. These enterprises need to invest a lot of processing equipment.

In addition, a large number of foreign equipment purchased in the 1980s and 1990s has become obsolete and needs to be updated. Therefore, the domestic market for meat processing machinery demand will continue to increase.

At present, the main equipment used by top 50 domestic meat processing equipment manufacturer is imported. With the improvement of the quality of domestic meat machinery manufacturing products, these enterprises will gradually adopt domestic meat machinery, and their demand is large. On the other hand, a large number of imported equipment for meat processing enterprises is a heavy burden.

As the investment in fixed assets is too large, it will greatly affect the cost of meat products, making enterprises uncompetitive in sales. A number of domestic manufacturers, after the introduction of more expensive equipment, as a result of indigestion, the decline of business. Some manufacturers are still in operation, but due to the high depreciation cost of fixed assets, enterprises have no profit to speak of. In fact, meat processing enterprises do not necessarily want to import equipment from foreign countries. If the products provided by our meat processing machinery industry can reach the same level of foreign countries, it is believe that it will definitely give priority to purchase from domestic.

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