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How Processed Meats are Made?

  • source:china-foodmachine
  • Date:08/11/2018

What is meat processing equipment?

Processed meat by meat processing equipment usually refers to a variety of processed meat products sold in supermarkets, including roots, hams, enemas, sausages, bacon, bacon, and bacon. These products are usually marinated in salt and sodium nitrite (or sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, etc.) in a pink color. Some traditional meat products made in China, such as Zhenjiang Yao meat and Pingyao beef, are also produced by adding nitrites or nitrates, which belong to processed meat products. Every day the halogen beef that the family makes, sauce ancon, braised pork, because do not add salt pickling, also do not add person nitrite and nitrate, do not regard as processing meat product so. However, meat in some roasters and restaurants, to extend its shelf life, add flavor, keep the color pink, and also add nitrites to the marinade, so it should also be included in processed meat.

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Meat is the base camp of protein. In the process of salting and storage, protein decomposition products will inevitably be produced, and sodium nitrite added especially, so it is inevitable to produce trace nitrosamine. This carcinogen has a promotion effect on esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, and bowel cancer. If you eat more processed meat every day, that means sending some nitrosamine carcinogens into your stomach and intestines every day. On the other hand, if the sausage is smoked and the ham is Fried, the carcinogenic ingredients such as heterocyclic amine and benzopyrene are produced because of the high temperature. Why is red meat included in the list of possible carcinogens? Can we eat less red meat? Red meat is considered a possible carcinogen because of research evidence that eating more red meat may increase the risk of bowel cancer. However, red meat does not contain carcinogens per se, and eating red meat does not increase the risk of cancer. The world cancer fund will assess the evidence that eating no more than 500 grams of red meat per week does not increase the risk of bowel cancer. The average is about 70 grams per day. But increasing the amount of red meat can increase the risk of bowel cancer.

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As mentioned before, red meat is good as long as the total amount is limited. Think of ham, bacon, and sausage as "occasional" items for health, such as two or three times a month, or on weekends, holidays or festivals. They also include a limit on the amount of red meat available. If you eat ham for this meal, you don't need to add the braised pork. Eating occasionally ensures that your body gets as little exposure to cancer-causing ingredients as possible and doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of good food in your life. In many cases, what you want to eat every day is not interesting, the festival occasionally indulged taste, can feel the rich life and joy. Meat mincer manufacturer-HENGLIAN will supply you the best meat processing machine.

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