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How Potato Peeling Machine Works?

  • source:Henglian
  • Date:08/31/2018

Description of potato peeler machine


We are potato peeler manufacturers.We are one of the largest food processing machinery manufacturers and exporter of food machinery, bread making equipment and other electric food equipment in China. PP series potato peeler is the new product developed and designed with the imported advanced foreign technology. Potato peeler is suitable for potatoes cleaning and peeling in hotels, restaurants and canteens. Potato peeler is with the unique design and novel construction. And the quality of potato peeler is with the advantages as following:

  • -Belt-driving with high intensity, structure intensive, running smoothly.
  • -High efficiency, 8kg and 15kg 30kg holding every time and only need 1-2 minutes.
  • -Outer beautiful and good-looking, easy to operate and clean.

Henglian Potato Peeling


Maintenance and notes of potato peeler machine


  • Before use, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, and that the external earthing wire is reliable connected.
  • Link to the drain pipe (prepare yourself), and close the discharge door.
  • Put the potatoes into the bowl, and add water to rinse at the same time.
  • Connect with the power supply and press the start button, then cut off the electricity and water after running two minutes.
  • Open the discharge door, and press start button in order to discharge potatoes.
  • After the job, clean carefully the machine it’s enough to dry by a cloth.
  • Check the electric circuit regularly. Please do not make the water splash into the electric box in order to avoid electric elements damaged.


Note: Do not put hands or other things into the bowl in order to avoid injury or machine damaged.


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