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Food Mixer

The food mixer is a small machine that can mix a variety of fruits and vegetables to extract fresh and delicious juice and vegetable juice. Many of the food mixer manufactures now being made to invent the most convenient and advanced food mixer  for production.


The working principle of food mixer is that the blade at the bottom of the mixing cup rotates at high speed, and the food is broken repeatedly under the action of water flow.


The advantages of the food mixer: Low price, easy cleaning, can process a variety of food.


The disadvantage: When used, water is needed, so pure fruit juice can not be squeezed out, only fruit and vegetable paste can be stirred.


The characteristics of food mixer are introduced.


Food mixer is a full gear transmission structure. Its power transmission system has high standard design, high strength, high technical requirements, stable operation and durability. It can be used to mix butter, cake liquid, filling, beating eggs and dough, etc.


The machine has three kinds of stirring speed, and is equipped with steel wire eggs stirrer, beat stirrer and spiral and surface stirrer. It can be used to mix butter, cake liquid, filling and dough. The machine type uses both three-phase power supply and single-phase power supply. Users are requested to choose it according to their requirements.


The machine is reasonable in design, neat and beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, low in noise, high in efficiency, simple in operation, convenient in cleaning, clean and sanitary, and well reflected by users. Suitable for restaurants, restaurants, bakeries and food manufacturers as stirring ingredients, kneading and dough, is the ideal equipment for the production of high-quality pastries.


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